Iceni Gala 2018

With the Iceni gala coming up please review the information on ICENI tab above. The provisional warm up times are within the file marked ‘entry pack’.

Reminder: please ensure you have club tops and suitable footwear for poolside between races. When using the facilities within the leisure centre please make sure you are dry (!) and wearing club tops and footwear.

Mailsports are attending as swim shop on the day. 

For those of you who are taking part in your first gala – good luck! It is an amazing experience and you will find that big and little Otters alike will support you throughout the event. Bring drinks and make sure you sip throughout the day – it is hot poolside and you will sweat both in and out of the water and will need to rehydrate during the day.

Swim hard, swim fast and most of all enjoy it!