Club emails

We will occasionally send you emails. These emails are normally automated, and may be sent directly to you, or to one or more squads, or to the entire club. The nature of these emails means that your email software may initially classify them as ‘spam’, and may load them to a junk or spam folder, rather than your mail inbox. In some cases, your mail software could potentially throw away an incoming mail, without informing you that it has arrived.

To prevent this happening, you should follow these instructions to send yourself one or more test emails. You should carry out this procedure when you join the club, or whenever you change your email address. This applies both to club members, and to any officials who are on our mailing lists.

Go to Otters Online¬†at, and select ‘Emails’ in the top menu. Read the instructions and send yourself a test email. In almost all cases, you should be able to quickly ensure that our emails are not classified as spam.

If you cannot prevent your mail software from classifying the test email as spam, or the test email is not delivered, then you will need to read the additional instructions below (‘How to create a whitelist’). This is unlikely to be necessary, but the instructions are included for reference.

Microsoft Webmail

If you have an email address which ends in,,, or, then you have a Microsoft webmail account. If at all possible, you should not use a Microsoft webmail account for your Otters emails. There are many other free webmail providers. Microsoft carries out an unintelligent analysis of the contents of your incoming emails, despite the fact that they are digitally signed, and will occasionally refuse to accept emails from us. We then have to argue with them until they unblock us, which is not a productive use of our time.

How to create a whitelist

Microsoft (outlook, hotmail, live) YouTube
Google (gmail) YouTube
Yahoo YouTube
AOL This should not be necessary; find the email in the spam folder, and mark it as ‘not spam’


How to find your spam folder

The spam folder should always be visible in the folder list on the left for all of outlook, hotmail, Yahoo, and AOL. However, it may be a little more difficult to locate for Google (gmail). If it is not immediately visible, move your mouse down to the last few folders in the list, and a new item should then appear. This item is labelled ‘More’, and has a small down arrow symbol. When you can see the word ‘More’, click on it. You should now see a number of new folders, one of which is labelled ‘Spam’. Click on the ‘Spam’ folder.