Handling of Internal Club Disputes

  • Every effort will be made to resolve disputes in their first instance by way of informal discussion.
  • Should an occasion arise where immediate action is required, such as temporary suspension or exclusion from a training session or from wider club activities, Club coaches and officers have the power to invoke a temporary suspension.
  • Disputes can be made in writing to any member of the management committee, where the issue will be discussed by the committee at the next meeting.
  • More serious or private disputes should be addressed to the Chairperson or Vice Chairperson who is empowered to appoint an independent arbitrator to assist in achieving a settlement. Should this fail the committee will appoint a panel of three, not involved in the dispute to hear the issues. The complainant will have an opportunity to present a case; the accused will have an opportunity to respond. The panel Chair will make every effort to announce the panel decision verbally to all parties with out delay followed by written confirmation within five days.
  • If either party is dissatisfied with the out come they are entitled to make a complaint to the Judicial Administrator at ASA Head office.